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TAPIA PREMIUM NUTS is a company specialized in the production and marketing of almonds and dried fruits in different presentations and formats, as well as high-quality derivatives based on two main characteristics: healthy and tasty.

We firmly believe that the future of food lies in continuous innovation in order to find those products that satisfy us for their organoleptic characteristics but at the same time that they also have a high and healthy nutritional component. TAPIA NUTS has found that perfect union of flavor and health in its NUTS BUTTERS to spread. This innovative product has very remarkable characteristics:

Nut content from 90% to 100%. It is a much superior product in quality, totally different from other industrial spreads basically composed of palm fat and sugar, which only contain between 4% to 13% of healthy nuts.

It is a source of heart-healthy fats.Nuts are an ancient food composed mainly of unsaturated fatty acids that help reduce “bad cholesterol” and increase “good cholesterol” levels.

Our almond creams are made exclusively with Spanish almonds.The almond grown in Spain has a more balanced lipid index and is higher than the almond from other origins such as California. By having a higher level of monounsaturated fat compared to the California almond, a healthier product is achieved, and above all much creamier and more flavorful.

It does not contain gluten and is 100% vegetable. They do not contain preservatives or artificial colors.

Our creams are made with locally grown almonds, both conventional and organic. We have the quality seal “Sabor Granada”.

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