TAPIA FOOD is a company which specializes in the production and commercialization of high-quality almonds, and the production of products made of nuts and dried fruits whose two main characteristics are that they are healthy and tasty.

Our main goal is to provide customers only with the highest quality products with irresistible texture and taste; and what’s more, they are free of health-damaging

ingredients and elements. We firmly believe that the future of food is continuous innovation, with the purpose of finding products with satisfying organoleptic properties and, at the same time, products which are highly nutritive and healthy. TAPIA FOOD has found the perfect union between taste and health regarding highly demanded products like high-end nuts, and we are the most specialized suppliers of this sector.

3 generations


Our company began running in 1942, when Alejandro Tapia Urquizar – compelled by the necessity of making a living – started to buy almonds from farmers at The Alpujarra and Valle de Lecrín. These regions – located in Granada – had been producing high quality almond for many centuries.

Mr Tapia first’ investment was buying a mule to carry the goods he bought, which

were then peeled by hand at his family’s house.

Thanks to his eagerness for innovation and non-conformist spirit, the family business started to grow. By the end of the 20th century, the company had become a role model for the almond sector in the province of Granada.

In 1984, his son Alejandro Tapia Martín had already become the manager of the company, and big investments were made in order to build an industrial unit and a whole almond peeling and storage line. The new manager and founder’s son began managing the company when he was only 18, being the person who really made the business grow and expand as he was continuously investing in improving all the production processes, from the receiving to the qualitative selection of the products. As time went by, Mr Tapia Martín became an expert in every aspect regarding the production of high-quality almonds.

In every action we take


As Alejandro Tapia Terrón, current manager belonging to the third generation, starts managing the company in 2001, it widens and they wouldn’t work almond peeling but they would also work on the production of blanched almonds and industrialization of almonds. With the fresh air of this new generation the exporting activity begins in 2002, making

possible for many countries in Europe and other continents to enjoy the almonds produced in Granada.

Nowadays, TAPIA has expanded its business even more offering other functional foods based on premium nuts and dried fruits, which provide customers with taste and health.

The Board of Directors of TAPIA FOOD feels proud of having worked in this sector for so many years now, but at the same time we are sure we will continue for many more years and generations for the secret is just our commitment and honesty in every action we take.

Caja Titular Mision


Our company has set the following goals

To get consumers to know and be able to enjoy the best varieties of almonds in the Mediterranean area. For that purpose, we exclusively specialize in selecting, transforming, and packing the best varieties of almonds produced in the province of Granada. We only offer premium almonds which have been selected by hand and with exceptional organoleptic properties for those customers seeking for excellence.

To make consumers enjoy healthier, tastier, maximum quality food. Our philosophy is based on continuous innovation in search of new nuts-based and dried fruits-based products which can satisfy the increasingly high demand of healthier products with outstanding organoleptic properties.